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PVC windows for livestock buildings.

The only metal-free window system on the market.

White PVC windows
   for livestock buildings
   for utility facilities
   for cellars
   for garages
- fixed windows
- tilt windows
- three-stage tilt adjustment
- all elements made of PVC
- corrosion-resistant
- suitable for aggressive environments
Main benefits of the window system:
As they do not have steel reinforcements, the windows are suitable for aggressive environments such as pig and cattle facilities.
14 mm glazing option, 4/6/4 glazing unit.
Functionally designed to facilitate assembly.
Mounted with bolts or latches for quick and easy repair.
Uniform window surface, easy to keep clean.
Fittings placed inside the window for easy loading and transport ("window on window").
Minimum dimensions of windows for livestock buildings:
fixed type 30 x 30 cm, tilt type 42 x 42 cm.
Maximum dimensions of windows for livestock buildings:
fixed type 120 x 110 cm, tilt type 120 x 100 cm.