About company

SIB Łowicz Investment and Construction Co-operative develops solutions for the construction industry. The core products that we offer to our clients are various concrete prefabricated components. We manufacture and supply concrete components which can be combined into technically advanced structures such as drainage chambers, gullies or right-of-way drainage systems.

The range of possibilities offered by concrete is enormous. We are aware of that and we make use of those possibilities as best we can, coming up with many new solutions. One of such solutions is concrete grid floors ideal for pigsties and cowsheds, i.e. buildings particularly exposed to dirt. The application of concrete grid flooring considerably facilitates cleaning.

We also offer other concrete prefabricates for an extensive range of uses. Our products can be customized to give them various required properties. For grid floors, it is the slot width that may be individually ordered. For other prefab elements, these may be sizes, wall thicknesses or type of reinforcement.

Windows and doors are manufactured from PVC-grade profiles in the highest grade A resistant to discolouration and UV rays with Winkhaus fittings for reliable, long lasting operation. Our products meet all stringent standards, guaranteeing the highest standard of energy efficiency, safety, noise protection and aesthetics. Window and door window systems are offered in a wide range of colors, including the texture of various wood species and some metals such as aluminum. The windows made of them perfectly match each facade and every architectural style. During the 20 years of the SIB window, thousands of single family homes and various utilities have been found.

Apart from manufacturing prefabricated components and grid floors, we also work on innovative solutions for the construction industry. We actively develop new designs and keep improving the already existing ones. That is why we are able to deliver top quality products that function perfectly when applied in various construction projects. All our products are described in detail on our webpage. We pay special attention to providing you with complete technical information concerning the offered grids and prefabricated components, to guarantee your spot-on purchase.